Temperature controlled 60 watt soldering station (200 - 450 °C) for electronic engineers and hobbyists - including 3 soldering tips and 2 solder rolls


The universal soldering station PSIS 10-230V allows temperature-controlled soldering and desoldering of electronic components like a professional. Regardless of whether sensitive soldering work is to be carried out when repairing electronic devices and circuit boards - or whether filigree components are to be securely and firmly connected in model making: the 60 watt soldering station PSIS 10-230V provides a fast and constant working temperature in the temperature range of 200 - 450 °C for every soldering job. Without long heat-up times!

Everything in view with digital temperature control

The digital heart of this soldering station is the compact base station with an easily accessible on/off switch, storage compartments for solder and soldering tips as well as an easily accessible control panel with digital LC display. Three temperature levels can be conveniently preselected at the touch of a button and finely adjusted in 10°C steps. When switched on, the station always starts with the last temperature setting used.

The clear LC-display with segment display informs about

  • Heating status of the soldering iron (eight-step heating display)
  • preselected temperature (200 °C, 300 °C or 400 °C)
  • Temperature of the soldering tip (200 - 450 °C)

Ergonomic full equipment for precise and safe soldering

The ergonomically shaped fine soldering iron is equipped with non-slip soft-grip inlays and with its 120 cm long cable lead ensures comfortable and flexible working. During the heating phase or during soldering breaks, the soldering iron finds a safe place in the holding spiral of the soldering iron holder made of heat-resistant plastic.

Extremely practical: The base of the soldering iron holder has an integrated storage compartment for the soldering sponge, which is also included. The soldering tips with screw thread can be changed in no time and without tools by simply screwing them in or out.

The standard scope of delivery of the PSIS 10-230V digital soldering station already includes: 1 x soldering iron holder, 3 x soldering tips of different widths, 2 x soldering tin rolls with different diameters, 1 x soldering sponge.

Complete package for demanding soldering jobs

Despite the comparatively low package price, the digital soldering station PSIS 10-230V convinces with an equally powerful and intelligent heating technology and thus only a short heat-up time of 60 seconds. In addition, the standby mode ensures a pleasing energy saving. If the unit is not used for 30 minutes, the temperature setting of the soldering iron is automatically reduced to 200 °C. The standby mode is ended by pressing any button on the soldering station.

Unpack, heat up and start immediately!

The accessories already included in the standard scope of delivery guarantee precise and comfortable work in the most diverse areas of application up to demanding fine work immediately after unpacking.

Accessories included in delivery:

1 x soldering iron holder with holding spiral and soldering sponge trayWhether heating up or cooling down - in the robust soldering iron holder the soldering iron finds a safe place before, during and after soldering work.

3 x soldering tips (1 pre-assembled)Three soldering tips of different sizes enable large-area to filigree soldering work in the most diverse areas of application.

2 x soldering tin rolls (10 g each, solder Ø 1.0 mm, solder Ø 1.5 mm)No matter whether you want to connect wires or solder electronic components: the necessary solder is already included in the delivery.

1 x soldering spongeThe soldering sponge integrated in the soldering sponge bowl serves to keep the soldering tip clean and easy to clean.

Advantages for the practice:

  • 60 W Digital soldering station with a temperature-resistant soldering iron
  • Fast heat-up time of only approx. 60 seconds and high-temperature stability
  • Large, easy to read LC-Display
  • 3 preprogrammed temperature values
  • Precise results through any temperature setting (200 °C - 450 °C)
  • Energy-efficient thanks to automatic switch-off after 30 min
  • Toolless soldering tip change
  • Practical storage facility for soldering tip and solder


Make: Trotec

Made in Germany

Digital Soldering Station PSIS 10-230V

SKU: PSIS 10-230V