Digital multimeter PCE-DM 5
Voltmeter in a small and compact design / "Not connected voltage" function / Flashlight and backlight / Temperature measurement with type K thermocouples


The voltmeter is a multimeter with a compact design. Because of its small design, the extensive functions of the voltmeter are not recognizable at first glance. As a main function, the voltmeter can measure voltages and currents on electrical lines, building components or also on industrial plants. A wide variety of Type-K thermocouples can also be connected and the temperature determined using this voltmeter. 


The voltmeter has an NCV measuring function to quickly check whether the mains voltage is present on a line or on an electrical device. The special feature of this function with the voltmeter is that no lines have to be disconnected for the measurement. Only the voltmeter has to be held against the test object or the line.


In addition to these measurement functions, the display of the voltmeter is backlit. As a result, the measured values ​​can be read from the voltmeter even under difficult conditions. If the measuring point is difficult to identify due to insufficient lighting due to a power failure, for example, the voltmeter with the built-in flashlight can remedy this. The rubber cover of the voltmeter also protects the measuring device from damage.

- Voltmeter, ammeter, NCV
- Small and compact design
- Backlight for a better view
- Flashlight for illumination
- Automatic and manual measuring range
- "Hold" function for freezing the measured value


The digital multimeter is a multimeter with a compact design. Because of its small design, the extensive functions of the digital multimeter are not recognizable at first glance.


Measuring function:
- DC voltage
- AC voltage
- Direct current
- Alternating current
- Capacity
- Frequency
- Type K temperature
- Diode test
- Continuity test

- Warranty: 02 Years


Country of Origin: Germany


Digital Multimeter PCE-DM 5

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