Country of Origin: Germany

Warranty: 02 Years


The voltmeter has many functions. In addition to voltage measurement up to 1000V, the voltmeter can also measure currents directly up to 20 A. This means that this voltmeter can also measure larger currents compared to other multimeters. Another special feature of the voltmeter is the transistor hFE test. During this test, transistors can be inserted into the voltmeter and their amplification can be checked. It does not matter to the voltmeter whether it is an NPN or PNP transistor. The voltmeter shows the current gain for the corresponding transistors. 


In addition to the measurement functions, the voltmeter can also generate a square-wave voltage of up to 10 kHz. Thanks to this function on the voltmeter, it can be checked, for example, whether the built-in frequency counters are working properly in industrial operation. The rubber cover on the voltmeter protects the measuring device from rough vibrations. Thanks to this rubber cover on the voltmeter, damage to the measuring equipment is prevented.

- TRMS measurements AC / DC
- NPN and PNP transistor testing
- Rubberized housing with tripod holder
- Generation of a quadratic function
- Automatic shutdown
- Continuity test and diode test

Digital Multimeter DM 4