Make: PCE Instruments

County of Origin: Germany


The fork current clamp PCE-CM 3 is used for quick and easy AC measurements. For current measurement, the fork current clamp is placed over the current-carrying conductor. The PCE-CM 3 Fork Clamp is particularly suitable for the measurement of AC in distributions and wherever circuits must not be interrupted. The current measuring range extends from 0 ... 200 A. In addition to the current measurement, the fork current clamp can be used to measure DC and AC voltages up to 600V, resistances, capacitances and even temperatures. The measured values ​​are displayed on the illuminated display of the fork current clamp. 


The compact dimensions and the low weight distinguish this current clamp as well as the robust housing. This makes the PCE-CM 3 fork clamps the perfect companion for installers and service technicians.

- Digital Multimeters up to 200 A
- Compact dimensions
- Robust plastic housing
- Multimeter functions
- Battery operation
- Backlit LCD


Delivery Scope

1 x Clamp meter PCE-CM 3
2 x Test leads
2 x Measuring tip
1 x Adapter thermocouple
1 x Thermocouple type K
2 x AAA batteries 1.5V
1 x User manual

Clamp Meter PCE-CM 3

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